Closing Statement of the Plenary Session of the General Convent in Temesvár

06.27.2011., 10:45

The annual general meeting of the General Convent, the consultative assembly of the Reformed churches, church districts and presbyteries of the Carpathian Basin, was held in Temesvár (Timisoara, Romania) on 21-22 June 2011, on the invitation of the Királyhágómellék Reformed church district.
The assembly, now held for the sixth time, provided opportunities to experience and deepen the feeling of unity, as well as to share what has been learnt in the communion so far. The two-day meeting enabled us to discuss what it means on an everyday basis for congregations, , districts and institutions that unity was made flesh on 22 May 2009 – when the common constitution was signed.

A special and uplifting moment of the meeting was when – after two years of preparation – the leaders of the Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia signed the Constitution of the Reformed Church of Hungary, thus strengthening their activities already done within the General Convent. For the first time, representatives of overseas and Western European Hungarian Reformed communities reported on the joys and struggles of their missional acitvites.
These reports further invigorated our Hungarian Reformed community, and provided an opportunity to examine new ways of experiencing the mutual feeling of pastoral responsibility.

The budget adopted by the assembly, which is based on a proportional allocation of costs, emphasises the support of the communities living in diaspora, as well as the events expressing our unity. The newly elected bishop of the Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia was also invited to the Convent, and talked about the life of their community. The General Convent expressed a wish to be constructive participants in the development of our national policy with the help of our successful initiatives of unity and our work of pastoral care in the Hungarian community.

The General Convent commemorated the 1881 establishment of the Christian Church in Hungary Reformed According to the Gospel. It was decided that, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary, a new translation of our common confession, the Heidelberg Catechism shall be completed. The representatives of the Hungarian Reformed community of the Carpathian Basin consider the upcoming census to be of particular significance, and call upon all members of our church to profess both their Hungarian and Reformed identities.

The next session of the General Convent will be held between 19-20 June 2012 in Körmend (Hungary), on the occasion that the Transdanubian Reformed Church District will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its foundation.

Temesvár, 22th June 2011


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